It has been dull, grey, with the clouds hanging heavy and low on the mountains. A common topic in conversation is complaining about the weather. I listen, but I see things differently, and I notice a strong urge to shake up these thought patterns, but in daily encounters, it isn’t straightforward to explain. Instead, I am curious about what they find enjoyable during the winter. Changing the focus is a chance to rewire the circuitry in our brains.

A wealth of ideas pour out: playing cards or going for coffee with friends, snowshoeing, reading a good book by the fire, crocheting, and cooking. Some have plans to escape in warm, sunny destinations.

The homework exercise this week is to find pleasure and noticing it at the moment. Maybe linger there for a while. Not making anything happen just being with the feelings, thoughts and emotions. I join in the homework assignment, with an intention of discovery delight.

Finding Delight Everywhere

Waking up to dawn’s light filtering through the clouds.
Morning coffee in my artful mug, the warmth, the aroma. My cats thunderous wrestling and meows conversing.
The rounded belly of a wren skirting around the edges of the cabin.
The swirls of snow in the wind.
A smile.

The Amaryllis continues to bloom. Fetching the growing hyacinths from the basement after its dormancy.
The kind neighbours shovelling the snow for those that are unable.
My dog bounding prance in search of a chipmunk after hearing it’s scolding chirp.
A new puppy dancing with its leash while splashing through the puddles of the crosswalk.
The presence of rabbits and deer revealed only by their prints in the snow.
Giggles and laughter.

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