2020: Seeing Clearly

2020, is a symbol of normal visual acuity or the sharpness of vision. Playing with the words, could 2020 be the year of seeing clearly?

The regular practice of mindfulness, formally and informally, opens my eyes to what is here now. With effort, an awareness of some fixed perceptions and judgements begins to come into focus. Then questioning if the thought is accurate, useful, or kind leads into more in-depth inquiry.

Meditation helps quiet the mind enough that I am aware of the recurrent thoughts or the feelings and emotions associated with a stimulus or trigger. My mind is like a stirred up muddy pond and unable to see the concealed treasures. Meditation helps still the body and mind, the mud begins to settle, and the water becomes crystal clear, allowing discoveries.

Play a little game the next time you are in a group of people. How many minutes before there is a judgement?

The rapidly approaching new year is a traditional time for reflection and new beginnings. Taking a look back over the year hindsight is 2020, but is it? Good or bad is a matter of perception. Looking forward, I have plans, but I am unable to predict what occurs. The self-imposed challenge of publishing a blog weekly has been more rewarding than I imagined. I can barely contain my excitement when I attempt to look forward. I have organized two sessions starting in a couple of weeks. Every cycle I have taught, I am astonished and grateful for how much I have learned.

The research of the brain’s plasticity has led to the understanding that the mind has the potential to design new pathways. Developing new habits can demonstrate how this works.

I have used a thirty-day challenge successfully numerous times in creating a new habit. A simple chore of making the bed every morning (my sister’s idea) had been one of my earliest challenges. Now it is so ingrained that when I was reviewing my morning routines, I had not even thought about it. It is something that gets done.

The first step in the challenge once committed is to remember. Putting up sticky notes on the bathroom mirror or a reminder on the ubiquitous smartphone helps.

I want to invite you to join me in setting an intention. When I write or see the number 2020, it is a reminder to check-in, am I settled enough to see with clarity?

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  1. Great post! Seeing clearly is something that doesn’t come naturally but once we have it we should cherish it. It is the most precious thing one could own. I wrote an article on my website titled ‘The Gift of Clarity” – https://authorjoannereed.net/gift-of-clarity/ – Feel free to check it out! Happy New Year!


  2. Grady says:

    Excellent Post!


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